1. I have a general question about gameplay or strategy!
Post it at! These guys are a great community of both new and expert players who are happy to form clans and give out tips.
2. How do the different Boosts work?
The drill targets whichever block you tap first, and remains until that block is destroyed. Automine digs automatically when you touch and hold. Smash increases the damge you tool deals. Dynamite damages multiple layers of resources. Splash deals damages to surrounding blocks as you mine.
3. Why am I missing a Fossil?
This means you were playing without an internet connection, or that your connection was spotty, when you picked up the fossil. To eliminate the potential for exploits, we immediately report all oil/fossil pickups to our server without storing them locally. If your device isn't able to connect at that time, the item disappears. It's one of many unideal measures necessary to keep the clan competition from becoming a mess of hackers. Fairness is our top priority.
4. What is a shiny artifact?
Shinies are extremely rare versions of the normal artifacts that provide extra large tool boosts.
5. Why did I get raided while watching a video?
We are sorry about this! It has been fixed in the next update. It has a less than 2% chance of happening every hour, so odds are you won't run into it again!
6. I am missing stats
Send us a message using the form below. Please include as many details as you can provide.
7. My question is not listed. Help!
Please reboot your device completely by holding down the power button for a few seconds and then sliding the slider that appears. If that does not fix the problem, shoot us a message using the form below and we will help you out.

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