Solitaire Zen
"Brings solitaire and virtual reality together in a beautiful way" - AppAdvice

"Classic game, revolutionary execution. The genre's first leap forward since Windows Solitaire." - Free Apps Arcade

Prepare yourself for the stunningly gorgeous, spectacularly immersive Solitaire Zen - the world's first virtual reality Solitaire game. It's classic Klondike (Windows) solitaire like you've never seen it before. Look around at the cards, the environment, the sky...liberate yourself from the shackles of forced perspective.

Gain experience, level up, and earn your rank in the worldwide leaderboards. Above all else, enjoy yourself. Let Solitaire Zen transport you to a world of pure bliss.

✔ Staggering graphics with Retina iPad support
✔ Virtual reality
✔ Hyper-realistic ambient audio
✔ Standard controls for non-gyro devices
✔ Global online leaderboards
✔ Leveling and ranking system
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