Soccer Showdown
1. I purchased unlimited play, but the game says I didn't
This means the game wasn't able to connect to our servers and authenticate your account. Please check your internet connection, then reboot your device completely by holding down the power button and sliding the slider that appears.
2. The game paused when the ball crossed the plane
When you take a kick, the information is sent to the goalie's device. If either you or your opponent have a slow internet connection, this may take a moment. Once the goalie's device receives the information, it will simulate the whole kick at full speed. So even if it looks like the ball paused for a moment, rest assured that the goalie was forced to react at normal speed. See the answer below for more information.
3. A shot that went in was called a miss
In order to allow players to compete across the world with no lag, we let the goalie's device determine the result of the shot rather than waiting for the two devices to constantly synchronize their physics. It's the difference between a game that freezes up constantly when the connection is bad (like a laggy game of Halo or Call of Duty, but worse because it's over mobile internet) and a perfectly smooth experience with no lag. Because there is a huge range of hardware performance variation (the iPhone 3G computes physics completely differently from the new iPad), a goal that looks like it went in on your device may have actually nicked the post and bounced out on the goalie's device. We feel your's frustrating if it happens...but it's the only way we can have realtime, worldwide matchmaking over mobile web.
4. I am missing stats
Send us a message using the form below. Please include as many details as you can provide.
5. My question is not listed. Help!
Please reboot your device completely by holding down the power button for a few seconds and then sliding the slider that appears. If that does not fix the problem, shoot us a message using the form below and we will help you out.


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