1. I have a general question about gameplay or strategy!
Post it at! These guys are a great community of both new and expert players who are happy to form clans and give out tips.
2. I switched devices or reinstalled the game and lost my data
Locally stored save data can only be recovered by you from a backup. We are only able to restore your clan data (the clan you were in, your Skulls, and your Trophies). To begin this process, please contact us using the form below with as much of the following information as possible: 1. Your current friend code 2. Your old friend code 3. Your old clan invite code 4. Your old clan name 5. Your player name 6. Your civ name
3. How do I get wolfdogs?
Unlock the Training upgrade. Then, during a wolf raid, tap the Train button repeatedly. Each tap has odds of taming a wolf. NOTE: If you have an army, they will quickly deal with any incoming wolf attack, likely before you have a chance to try training any! If you want the chance to train a Wolfdog, you'll need to keep your army very small.
4. IMPORTANT: Before messaging us, check if you are building a Wonder. Why?...
Wonders drain from all resources evenly. Wonders can make it appear as though you are not gaining a resource because it is getting used up immediately in the construction of the Wonder. To put a Wonder on hold, remove all Labourers.
5. IMPORTANT: How do I get/unlock/make ___?
Please do not contact us with questions about upgrade progression, unlock requirements, resource acquisition, etc. A number of them are explained on this page. The rest are for players to discover as they progress through the game. If you want some pointers, please ask for guidance in one of the many CivCrafter forums such as /r/civcrafter, or! We receive thousands of these inquiries every day, and we need to conserve our support resources for helping players with bugs and technical issues. Thanks so much for your understanding!
6. Why can I only make 10 Dragons?
Players are limited to creating 10 Dragons in each batch to avoid dragon spamming.
7. I unlocked The Deep, why can't I make Dragons?
Each Dragon requires one Cave, just as Soldiers require Barracks, Knights require Armories, etc.
8. Why am I only earning one Skull per raid?
To prevent players from gaming the Conquest by repeatedly raiding smaller Civs, one Skull will be rewarded to players who raid the smaller of the two Civ sizes available at any given time. If you are raiding the larger Civ and still only receiving one Skull, please make sure you have installed version 1.4 or higher.
9. Why is X resource disappearing? Why am I not gaining any of X resource?
Are you currently building a Wonder? Please see the answer to Question 1. Resources can also be drained by Specialists. For example, Tanners use up Skins to make Leather, Smithies use up Ore to make Metal, and Healers use up Herbs to cure workers.
10. Why are my people dying?
Pay attention to the scroller at the top, as this will tell you why your people are dying. The likely culprits are starvation or sickness. Make sure you have a solid supply of food. If your people are dying of disease (which can spread if you have large numbers of unburied corpses), make sure you have employed Healers. Healers require Herbs to work their magic.
11. How do you raid?
Raids become available after unlocking Battle Standard from the Battle menu and creating at least one troop.
12. Can I change my player name or civilization name?
When you start the game you are given an opportunity to set your player name. After completing the first few steps of the tutorial, you will be given a chance to change your civ's name as well. The next update will allow you to change your name. Until then, the only way to reset your name is by deleting and reinstalling the app.
13. How do I bury Corpses?
You will need both Open Graves and Clerics.
14. Can I sync data between multiple devices?
Not at the moment.
15. Why can't I make soldiers?
Make sure you have enough resources, that you own at least one Barrack building, and that you have unemployed workers to accept the job. If you see 'UNEMPLOYED : 0' it means you need to create some more workers from the Population menu.
16. How do I expand my basic resource storage?
The STOCK tab on the Buildings menu allows you to purchase additional storage units. If the STOCK tab is not yet visible, you will need to purchase the Masonry upgrade.
17. Where do I find the Masonry upgrade?
Visit the Upgrade menu by pressing the lightning bolt button. If you don't see it there, you have already purchased it.
18. What are the strengths/weakness/advantages/disadvantages of ___?
We aren't able to share details about the statistical balancing of troops, workers, or buildings.
19. How do I get Piety?
Piety is generated by Clerics. Clerics require Temples, which can be unlocked with the Construction upgrade after acquiring Masonry.
20. How can I stop my people from getting attacked by Wolves, Bandits, and Barbarians?
These enemy mobs will wreak havoc on your civilization if you have no troops in your army. Make sure you have soldiers, archers, knights, or dragons present to fight them.
21. How can I make a Wonder?
Wonders require the Architecture upgrade. Once you have begun progress on the wonder, you will create Labourers who will construct the Wonder out of all resources simultaneously.
22. What do Wonders do?
Wonders provide a permanent boost to the production of a resource.
23. My people are unhappy. Why did this happen, and how do I improve their mood?
Unburied Corpses, starvation, sickness, and not having enough Free Land are the most common causes of unhappiness. Make sure you have plenty of Food, that you are burying Corpses (this requires Graves as well as Clerics to bury the bodies), and that you aren't creating more buildings than you have Free Land. Once your people are unhappy, the best way to boost morale is by winning raids.
24. How do I create Archers, Knights, or Dragons?
Each of these units require buildings that are unlocked through upgrades. The quickest way to get them is by unlocking Masonry and the upgrades that follow.
25. I keep losing to civs with better troops.
Our matchmaking pairs you with civs of very similar population size to your own. However, calculated play can allow players to unlock advanced units more quickly. With proper technique, it is entirely possible to defeat advanced units -- even dragons -- with a cluster of soldiers.
26. How do I get more land?
Land can be acquired by conquering other civilizations in raids.
27. How do I find Skins, Ore, and Herbs?
Special resources can be found while gathering basic resources. Food yields Skins, Wood yields Herbs, and Stone yields Ore. Certain upgrades will allow Farmers, Loggers, and Miners to collect special resources as well.
28. How do I get Leather and Metal?
Tanners convert Skins to Leather, and Blacksmiths convert Ore to Metal.
29. How do Skulls and Trophies work?
Skulls and Trophies are earned by winning raids. Each week, the clans with the most skulls are awarded prizes. The standings can be viewed in the Clan menu if you are a member of a clan. Skulls can only be earned if you are in a clan, and they reset at the end of each week (when prizes are awarded) or when you leave your clan. Trophies never reset. They exist solely for bragging rights, as they reflect a player or clan's historical superiority.
30. Why did my troops disappear?
Exiting the app in the middle of a raid will cause your troops to be wiped out. This is a measure to deter players from quitting while being raided.
31. What are cats for?
This is CivCrafter's most closely guarded secret.
32. What does the rally button do?
This is CivCrafter's second-most closely guarded secret!
33. How do I get more Gold?
Gold can be earned by leveling up, by rating the app, or by purchasing Gold packs from the Trade menu.
34. How does the leveling system work?
Every tap gives you experience. Bulk unit purchases count as one tap, so the fastest way to level up is by tapping resourses or +1 units.
35. How does Prestiging work?
Prestiging lets you keep your existing Wonders, Gold, Trophies, Skulls, Stats, and Civ/Ruler name. Everything else resets. The idea is to work your way through the different wonders, which will boost resource production and make you more powerful in each subsequent playthrough. You are eligible to Prestige once a wonder has been completed.
36. I am missing stats
Send us a message using the form below. Please include as many details as you can provide.
37. My question is not listed. Help!
Please reboot your device completely by holding down the power button for a few seconds and then sliding the slider that appears. If that does not fix the problem, shoot us a message using the form below and we will help you out.


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